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GOB with a succesful product presentation on Arab Health 2016

The Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is the largest healthcare exhibition & medical congress in the Middle East. The 2016 exhibition showcased more than 4,000 companies exhibiting their latest innovations to more than 130,000 healthcare professionals attending from 163 countries. We are happy to announce that we successfully presented all the companies and products from our portfolio and had huge success and much interest from doctors and distributors from around the world.

Here are some of our success stories and key achievement during Arab Health 2016:

GOB Team met with Mr. Essam Helmy, the master distributor of MicroPort in the Middle East. He is also distributing directly in Egypt and UAE. He was very interested in our company portfolio and he would like to include our products in his distribution network. He is considering joining us for the training in Kuwait and will introduce our product portfolio to his network.  We also met with the owner of TRI ALPHA and he has a group of medical companies interested in our portfolio and he was extremely excited to meet with us during our upcoming trip in Kuwait next month.

Anton Atalla from Sigma Medical was very interested in reviewing our company presentation as he just started a medical distribution in Dubai and Jordan and he is searching for new products for his portfolio.

Company Modelex from Kuwait was very impressed with Frii Medical (Innovative Italian Company we represent in our portfolio) and they requested all the possible information regarding the FRII medical products.

Mohamed Darwish from Oman was very impressed with the PRP and BMAC devices which we mainly represent as the face of Arteriocyte.

Mr. Mahdi Madarshani from Iran went into straight discussion for partnership with Global OrthoBiologic with regards to importing products into the Iranian market. His main interest is in the Regenerative Medicine and the Rejuvenation field which we successfully represent.

GOB agreed to sign an agreement with Dr. Raafat from Abu Dhabi International Medical Services in order to support his company and introduce new products to the emirate market. Dr. Raafat has a significant interest in the wound management business and we were happy to share with him the Cytomedix wound care machine. GOB will give him the exclusive rights for the wound care market in UAE.

Kevin Zarrabi from Technoways was very impressed with some of the companies we represent – Reviscon and BioLife Scaffold. We agreed to begin the registration process in Dubai so we can schedule future trainings and sign exclusive agreements for spine and orthopedics.

Ali Al Bakri, the founder and owner of Al Bakri Oil and Pharma from Yemen made a proposal to GOB to represent our products on the Yemeni market.

Milan Shah from India is in the wound care sector. He wanted to discuss how our products could be directly applied.  He made his first order during the exhibition – one centrifuge, 50 PRP kits, and 10 BioMac units.  He will introduce us to a wound care company in Israel and a German distributor of spinal endoscopy products.

GOB was not only making new partnerships during the exhibition but we also were building stronger relationships with our current business partners who attended Arab Health.  Mr. Fabio Barzghani from Frii Power who deals with orthoscopic surgical devices is one of our partners who we met there. We will help him introduce Frii Power to Lithuania, Jordan, India, and Kuwait and Mr. Barzghani will introduce us to his partners in Latin and South America.

VSY Biotechnology is one of the companies we are currently representing. Making a breakthrough, VSY Biotechnology entered into Orthopedics and PTR areas and launched the intra-articular injection brand Reviscon. During Arab Health GOB created a huge interest in Reviscon and we are ready to sign agreements with distributors from all over the world.

Nurel Medikal made a proposition to us to introduce their company to our international network. This is just one of the many companies that will be represented by Global OrthoBiologic following Arab Health. GOB will also begin to private label Israeli products in Europe.

By the last day of Arab Health, GOB has signed agreements with UAE, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait and Bahrain and we increased our portfolio with three new products.

Last but not least, GOB received an invitation by the president of the Arab Panam organization to lecture on regenerative medicine.  This will take place in November of this year in Abu Dhabi or Morocco and we are sure that this exhibition will extend our product portfolio even more.

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The uniqueness of the Vivostat® system is a novel patented biotechnological process that enables reliable and reproducible preparation of autologous Fibrin Sealant or Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF®) without using cryoprecipitation and without the need for a separate thrombin component.