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TriAlpha CO orders 300 BMAC kits after a successful GOB training in Kuwait

The Global OrthoBiologic Inc. (GOB) team just returned home after one week training in Kuwait.  Our team was represented by company President Mr. Randy Beimel, VP International Business Development Mr. Mihail Blagoev, scientific officer Dr. Dzihan Abazovic and Dr. Fabio Valerio Sciarretta. The team visited different hospitals every day, giving presentations and lecturing in front of large audiences. The training was organized as per Tri Alpha Company invitation. They are the GOB official distributor for Kuwait. Tri Alpha Co is consistently committed to provide the best medical supply solutions in the region, and this is one of the reasons they decided to enter into a distribution contract with GOB. Creating solid and enduring relationships with our principals through our continuous commitment to meet and exceed their expectations is our shared goal. The GOB team visit in Kuwait began on February 7th with a lecture in Al-Razi Hospital and continued with a lecture in AL-Amiri hospital. On that same day we had also a very successful presentation in Dasman Center.

GOB agreed with the clinical director of Dasman Diabetic Center to begin a clinical project of wounds in lower extremities for diabetic patients. The Kuwait Ministry Of Health will support the project.

Al-Razi Hospital was our main venue for live streaming of the procedures we were presenting. Central to the visit was Dr. Fabio Sciarretta, who was sponsored by MOH Kuwait to perform training and presentation to the team at the hospital. He performed 5 surgeries and 3 presentations with a hands-on workshop for an “osteochondral cartilage defect” during his last presentation. Dr. Dzihan Abazovic, GOB Scientific Officer, assisted Dr. Sciarretta during the surgeries and answered scientific questions posed by the audience with regards to the potential of the Autologous Regenerative Therapies.

Dr. Sciarretta’s presentation on “Single Step Biological Resurfacing of Knee Chondral Defects through Innovative Bone Marrow Concentration Device” inspired the audience with all the advanced methods of this procedure.

Tri Alpha Co introduced both of our doctors to few private clinics in Kuwait. The GOB team visited also Mubarak Hospital, Farwaniya Hospital and the office of Dr. Jasen Failkawi for another lecture.

Our distributors from Tri Alpha Co regularly invite European visiting doctors to perform innovative procedures for local medical professionals and this keeps them as one of the top distribution companies in Kuwait. GOB was pleased to work with such a professional team!

As soon as the visits concluded, Al Razi Hospital made a purchase order for 300 BMAC kits and this was considered a great success for Tri Alpha Co and GOB after only the first training program!

About Tri Alpha

Tri Alpha strides towards attaining customer satisfaction through the introduction of uncompromised and unparalleled quality products supported by after sales service. Our business strategy is to achieve major market shares and maintaining a strong products and maintenance portfolio. Our expansion plan is horizontally driven and we intend to expand in the areas where we can make a difference. Tri Alpha is managed by a vibrant, experienced and knowledgeable team. In addition to their personal educational background and deep interest in their field, Mr. Ahmed Al-Awadi, Founder & General Manager, along with Ms. Fatima Al-Awadi, Assistant GM, come from a family that is well entrenched in public health sector, medical field, and environmental preservation. The sector managers are committed to the company’s visionary business strategy to provide quality products and services to their government and corporate clients alike.

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