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Global OrthoBiologic, Inc. (GOB) announces a strategic Joint Venture with Lamar Holidays

Dubai, UAE (October 31, 2016). Global OrthoBiologic, Inc. (GOB), a leader in regenerative medicine currently doing business in more than 30 countries, announces a strategic Joint Venture with Lamar Holidays, a worldwide luxury travel and tourism company to provide Medical Tourism.

Medical tourism is defined as traveling from one location to another with a purpose to gain medical assistance. Generally, people from developing nations travel to developed countries for medical treatments that are unavailable in their own countries due to poor medical and healthcare infrastructure. However, in recent years, people residing in developed economies have also begun traveling to lesser developed countries in order to gain cost-efficient medical assistance. Medical Tourism or Medical Travel is a combination of wellness and healthcare coupled with leisure and relaxation which is aimed at rejuvenating a person mentally, physically and emotionally, drawing away from his daily routine to a relaxed environment in a nice and attractive location.

This partnership will provide patients across the globe the opportunity to be treated by members of the GOB Global Academy, a team of internationally known doctors and scientists offering cutting edge treatments providing better and faster recovery times.

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Mihail Blagoev (GOB Vice President, International Business Development) “Medical tourism is seen as direct result of globalization of healthcare services. The falling cost of medical procedures in the Philippines, India, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, Turkey, Taiwan, South Korea, Poland, Costa Rica, and Dubai is encouraging people to travel to these countries for their treatment and, in turn, is propelling the global medical tourism market significantly. With rising initiatives by government, the UAE healthcare market is witnessing an astonishing growth in medical tourism in the region. The UAE government is extensively expanding and upgrading the existing infrastructure to match or exceed the quality of service offered in any country around the world.”

Dubai Health Experience (DXH) is the prestigious brand conceived by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to strengthen the position of Dubai on the world map of medical tourism. (


Firas Agha (CEO, Lamar Holidays) “The Joint Venture with GOB is a wonderful opportunity for Lamar to expand our business in medical tourism whether it is to bring patients to Dubai or to provide the complete package for the patients and families to any of the 30 countries in which GOB is conducting business. The medical tourism patients and their families have enough to be concerned with, the travel should be seamless.” Lamar specializes in luxury tourism where attention to every detail regardless how small is important to ensure the travel experience meets or exceeds the clients’ expectations.


Randy Beimel (GOB President) “Global Medical Tourism accounted for $17.1 Billion in 2015 and is poised to reach $52.2 Billion by 2022, $99 Billion by 2025.

The Joint Venture with Lamar Holidays gives GOB the platform to enter this industry by storm. The Global Academy is the collection of the best of the best physicians and scientists specializing in regenerative medicine from around the world treating patients in Orthopedic, Chronic Wound Care, Aesthetics, Cosmetic Gynecology, Spinal Cord Injuries and Neurological disorders including Autism and Cerebral Palsy. Every patient from around the globe deserves the opportunity to be treated by the best physicians regardless of the country they live in order to have the chance for the best outcome in every case.”


About Lamar Holidays

Lamar Holidays, with offices in Dubai UAE, Jeddah, Riyadh KSA, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Istanbul Turkey, London England, Los Angeles California, has a team of experienced professionals offering travel packages that can accommodate small family groups to large delegations. Lamar Holidays offers a multitude of luxury packages, airport transfers, worldwide accommodation, visa assistance, VIP meet and assist flights, limousine services and car rental.

The company’s management team is committed to being the leading global wholesale travel solutions provider.

Lamar offers the optimum travel solutions globally via their state of the art online system and support team that embodies the speed and quality of experience desired in each interaction. From exotic to professional, Lamar offers the client a unique and special experience.


About Global OrthoBiologic (GOB)

Global OrthoBiologic, based in Miami Florida, invests, identifies, develops and markets ground-breaking medical technologies related to Regenerative Medicine in the global market. Global OrthoBiologic is a privately-held medical technologies company specializing in therapies that significantly enhance the body’s natural healing ability. The company has developed extensive experience in the most advanced medical device industries. In the past several years, the emphasis has been focused exclusively on Regenerative Medicine and stem cell technologies, products, and therapies. The technologies for stem cells are cutting edge, safe, clean and do not use any additives, enzymes, or require culturing or growing of cells. Global OrthoBiologic consults with medical technology companies that are startups and/or companies looking to expand and grow their business. Global OrthoBiologic has built a comprehensive network of experts in Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. The company partners with recognized medical facilities worldwide for evidence-based clinical medicine. Global OrthoBiologic has additional sales offices in Sofia, Bulgaria and Dubai, UAE, as well as a distribution center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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