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Global Regenerative Group Becomes Global Distributor for Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Prosupplier GmbH Representing Their CureOs® Synthetic BONE GRAFT

Global Regenerative Group, developer and global distributor of new and innovative products in the
field of Regenerative Medicine, today announces its partnership with Prosupplier GmbH, a
pharmaceutical wholesaler with an experienced and specialist team, whose products include
CureOs® Synthetic BONE GRAFT.
Boca Raton, FL, August 02, 2019 –(– Of the agreement, Prosupplier’s General Manager, Sibel
Peksen said, “We are excited to work with Global Regenerative Group, as we see in them a credible
company with big future in both business and science. Our main aim is to create a network between
companies, helping each other to develop health care around the world.” The partnership of the two
companies will provide a globally accessible international market. This way, CureOs® Synthetic BONE
GRAFT will be able to reach more physicians around the world.
“My long experience with implementation of regenerative therapies in medical practice granted me the
chance to notice that there is a great dissent in the medical practice and science. I have encountered
problems like lack of evidence of effectiveness about certain therapies, creating false claims on the
product labels, and so on. That’s the reason why partnership of the two companies is so important for us. I
think, working together, we will develop a successful business, solving these problems of our society,”
states Mihail Blagoev, Vice President of Global Regenerative Group.
CureOs® Synthetic BONE GRAFT

CureOs -TriCalcium Phosphate/Silicate Bone Grafts are synthetic, osteoconductive, 80% porous,
interconnected macroporosity and microporosity structured, resorbable and biologically compatible bone
graft substitute materials. It provides major help for bone healing process.
CureOs – TriCalcium Phosphate/Silicate Bone Grafts are used in:
General bone defects repairment, metaphysical defects repairment, reconstruction, augmentation and
filling maxillofacial region, arthrodesis and benign tumor treatment, spinal defects repairmen, sinus rifts,
filling of endodontic defects, ridge augmentation, cavity filling in bone tissue.
CureOs has an 80% porosity which enhances osteoconductivity. Micro-porosity acts as an attracting agent
to bone generating cells, which allows bone formation inside the granule. Macro-porosity promotes the
invasion of osteogenic cells by osteoconduction.
Silicate used in the CureOs, accelerates the bone formation and provides a more stable osteoconductive
scaffold. Silicate is essential for normal bone development and its level in a bone graft has a positive
effect on the healing process. CureOs Synthetic bone grafts are manufactured from Beta Tricalcium
Phosphate and is absent from any cytotoxic effects.

About Global Regenerative Group
The company provides business development for medical device companies with an emphasis on
Regenerative Medicine technologies and works extensively with clinics, hospitals and medical facilities
that are engaged in Regenerative Therapy.
Regenerative medicine is a new, evidence based, multidisciplinary approach that seeks to repair or
replace damaged or diseased human cells or tissues to restore normal function, which holds the promise
of revolutionizing patient care in the 21st century.
Global Regenerative Group was established to share groundbreaking medical technologies for use in
therapies that significantly enhance the body’s natural healing ability. During the last decade the company
has developed extensive experience in the most advanced medical device industries. In the past several
years, the company’s emphasis has been focused exclusively on Regenerative Medicine, such as stem cell
technologies, products, and therapies.
Global Regenerative Group consults with science based and reputed medical technology companies that
are startups and/or companies looking to expand and grow their business. Global Regenerative Group has
built a comprehensive network of experts in Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia and Australia.
The company also organizes and facilitates scientific conferences and workshops to lecture about the
latest developments, innovations, and breakthroughs.
About Prosupplier
Prosupplier GmbH is a pharmaceutical wholesaler located in Basel and established in 2014. They are
holding a licence for Swissmedic and they perform import and export of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics.
Even though they are a young company, thanks to their experienced and specialist team they have gained
a place in the international pharmaceutical market in a short span of time. As a Swiss company, quality is
very important for them. Their company complies with “Good Distribution Practices.” Even though they
have access to many pharmaceuticals markets around the world, they are working hard to reach more and
more in order to supply all needed products at competitive price in the shortest time. Press Release Distribution Terms of Use

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