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Global Regenerative Group (GRG) Announced That the Global Regenerative Academy Has Been Launched

The Global Regenerative Academy is an integral part of the Global Regenerative Group, a
privately-held medical technologies company specializing exclusively on Regenerative Medicine and
stem cell technologies, products, and therapies that significantly enhance the body’s natural healing
Boca Raton, FL, June 06, 2019 –(– The Academy focuses on Medical Science and Education.
It is a platform for continuing medical education in the field of Regenerative Medicine with the emphasis
on delivering evidence-based medicine and supporting such research from its members. It will cover all
medical specialties in which therapies fall under the category of “Regenerative.” The Academy will
support entrepreneurial ideas of doctors and researchers through its extensive network of experts over
USA, Europe and Asia. The Academy slogan is “science in practice” meaning – translating scientifically
proven ideas into the clinical practice of doctors and hospitals.
The Global Regenerative Academy believes in optimal patient healthcare. It must be safe, efficient,
accessible, intelligent, and flawlessly technically executed. The Global Regenerative Academy is
committed to providing awareness of evidence-based scientific data to physicians from around the world
and validated learning in the field of clinically applicable Regenerative Medicine therapies.
Mihail Blagoev, President of the Academy says more about his motivation to start this venture: “My long
experience with implementation of regenerative therapies in medical practice granted me the chance to
notice that there is a great dissent in the medical practice and science. I have encountered problems like
lack of evidence of effectiveness about certain therapies, mistakes in clinical trial design, creating false
claims on the product labels, and so on. The origin of these problems is coming from the lack of
evidence-based medicine. The only knowledge that comes to the physicians is from industry sponsored
events with controlled content. Plus, they are short weekend courses that have as main target to sell the
company’s product and persuade the physicians to buy. Patient outcome is not in the center and scientific
evidence is filtered through the lenses of a salesman who wants to close the deal.
“This chaotic environment motivates us to create a single industry free entity involving scientists, doctors,
distributors and entrepreneurs. All these persons will be filtering out the bad science but will also provide
a platform for idea creation. This nurturing environment will stimulate physicians to think creatively and
actually create their own innovations in the field of RegMed. So, we are not only fixing the academia
problem but we are also creating value.”
The Academy will include several major sections – Practical and Theoretical Courses, Discussion tables
and Protocol establishment, Participation in randomized Clinical Trials, Industry-Free Online Social
System, Formalized Programs for Regenerative Medicine education, Publication of Evidence based
Medicine. The Academy will be granting ambassador status to selected members who are going to extend
the Academy executive program in their own part of the world.

The opening event of the Academy will be a three full day Global Regenerative Congress from 6 to 8
September in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. The organizers have invited leaders in Regenerative
Medicine from around the world – the US, Europe and Asia. They announce that the congress will be in
two days and will cover 8 panels – Orthopedics, Spine surgery and Pain management, Regenerative and
Aesthetic Gynecology, Regenerative Urology, Hair Restoration, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and
Wound Care. The participant will have a chance of attending hands-on training on the third day.
Confirmed participation has been received from over 30 countries. Organizers say one of the most
important features of this congress is that it is completely industry free. “We do not want to limit the
scientific content of the congress, as is usually the case when the market interest intervenes. We have
ensured top scientific level from leaders in the field of Regenerative Medicine both researchers and
clinicians who we trust. Participants attendance is CME certified and supports both theoretical and
practical aspects of RegMed,” says Diyan Ganev, General Secretary of the GRC 2019.

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