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Aurafix is ​​a TSD Health Products Industry. Trd. Inc. Brand.

Our firm which had been active as an application center in the fields of orthesis, prosthesis and rehabilitation since 2002, had been marketing and selling out orthopedic products including the distinguished brands of the world on the other hand. By having desired to transfer the experience and knowledge into production, our firm established the company, TSD Saglik Urunleri along with its trade mark Aurafix and became well known and wanted for its quality products of orthopedics in a short while.

Our company which has been an expert about manufacturing of products of orthopedic, orthesis, prosthesis and rehabilitation since 2002 , by the aim of conveying its acquired knowledge into the field of wholesale and marketing, had established the TSD Saglik Urunleri and started to manufacture orthopedic products with its brand name, Aurafix whose quality was known widely in a short while.

By having started off in a small workshop, TSD Saglik Urunleri has improved itself paying importance of quality, neat workmanship, superior service concept as well as investing human and technology and has developed. With a wide range of machinery, our company continues to operate as one of leader brand name of the domestic market and exports to almost 30 countries by the aim of becoming a global brand name both in Turkey and in the world.

All the departments of company including production staff and R&D are in a constant effort of improving different solutions for special needs by following innovations towards the target and are in the aim of being a step ahead in the sector. We have been going on to work without compromising our principles which is based on your needs and demands that allow us to have our success today. We will permanently be carrying on improving our products to be able to serve you, our valuable customers who always deserve the best.

Aurafix, Your Support in Life


We aim to be one of the world’s pioneering firms in our sector in 2020 by demonstrating our distinct innovative approach and entrepreneurial spirit.


The service we offer shows that we believe that every single person has a right to use high-quality medical products. As Aurafix Team, we work to produce durable, high-quality, healthy and life-enhancing products by applying the knowledge we have gained from our experience with our suppliers.



  • As Aurafix Team, we target the achievement and perfectionism with our know-how, human resource and institutional strength, and create the difference in occupational life with the corporate applications that we created in our company’s constitution.
  • We are moving towards our target, without compromising our primary purposes, which are patient satisfaction and ethical values.
  • We observe and evaluate patients’ requirements and manufacture products accordingly
  • At Aurafix, we are conscious of the duty we do, and think and act together as a team.
  • We appreciate personal differences and believe that they improve our vision.
  • We act with the principles of honesty and transparency in our relationships with our patients, doctors, Physiotherapists, vendors and employees.
  • We have gained our own self confidence thanks to the trustworthiness of our products.
  • Respecting our patients’ and vendors’ rights, we emphasize the privacy of information.
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The uniqueness of the Vivostat® system is a novel patented biotechnological process that enables reliable and reproducible preparation of autologous Fibrin Sealant or Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF®) without using cryoprecipitation and without the need for a separate thrombin component.