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 The company’s mission began with the research and development of highly effective, innovative solutions for the treatment of chronic injuries. Based on this experience, Euroresearch developed the idea of investing in new technological solutions in the following areas: aesthetic medicine, traumatology and dentistry.


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Collagen is a fibrous protein that makes up the ECM of human tissues, including: skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones and teeth. It represents about 25% of the total protein in the human body. By driving the process of tissue repair, collagen plays an important role in the biological process of healing.


Its mechanical action provides structural support, which helps to:


a supporting structure (scaffolding) for the recovery of lost  substances _______________________________________________________________


the differentiation, migration and synthesis of many cellular proteins _______________________________________________________________


the physiological formation of fibroblasts, granulation tissue and native collagen _______________________________________________________________


the contact of platelets and coagulation factors (haemostasis) _______________________________________________________________


the formation of new capillaries (angiogenesis)

Nithya Mousse Product



NITHYA is used as a preventative treatment after the age of 25 to slow down the ageing process by maintaining collagen levels.


Holistically improves production of new collagen, helping to erase fine lines around the eyes


Improves facial volume in areas such as the cheeks


Rejuvenates soft tissue on the neck & décolletage


Replenishes collagen and creates firmer and fuller skin


Improved the appearance of scars, stretch marks and acne

Nithya Face Collagen Powder



Nithya Body Collagen Powder



Nithya Mousse Product

Nithya Mousse

Nithya Body Cream

Body Creme Fluid

Nithya powder

Sterile, hypo-allergenic type I equine collagen powder.



Nithya Face Collagen Powder

Directions for use

Dilute the collagen powder in the 70 mg bottle using 5 ml of saline or double distilled water, mixing until a suspension is formed. NITHYA must be made into a suspension immediately before use and should be treated as disposable.

Apply with small calibre needles (30G) into the deep dermis or dermal epidermal junction, using micro-bridges. Spread the product over the area to be treated and then perform a light massage.

Nithya powder

Sterile, hypo-allergenic type I equine collagen powder.


Nithya Body is indicated in the stimulation of connective tissue regeneration in the dermis following beauty treatments, creating optimal conditions for the physiological formation of collagen. NITHYA BODY is especially indicated for cases of flabbiness, correcting imperfections in the body such as hypotrophy, cutaneous hypotonia, and reduced elasticity of the skin.

Nithya Body Collagen Powder

Directions for use

NITHYA BODY must be made up into a suspension immediately before use, by mixing with distilled water for injections in the ratio of 200 mg collagen/10 ml water. Once the suspension is made up, it must be used immediately and any remaining product must be discarded. The device is disposable. The product is disposable. The product is administered by intradermal infiltration.

Use 30 G needles (4 to 13 mm). The choice of needle to be used is at the doctor’s discretion and depends on the area to be treated. To ensure a perfect seal and avoid the product leaking during administration, make sure the needle is firmly attached to the syringe. Intradermal infiltration must be carried out by healthcare professionals only.

Nithya Mousse

Hypo-allergenic type I equine collagen foam. Collagen mousse is suitable for use after cosmetic dermatological treatments such as minor surgery, laser treatment, dermabrasion and peeling, once the wound has fully healed.


Following the use of Nithya injectable powder for the face and after dermatological procedures, such as minor cosmetic procedures, laser treatment, dermabrasion and exfoliation.

Nithya Mousse Product

Directions for use

Cleanse the skin before applying. Apply the product 2 to 4 times a day. For external use only.


Type I equine collagen and hydrolysed, hypo-allergenic elastin. Collagen, along with elastin, helps to create the necessary supporting structure to the dermis, hydrating it and counteracting the relaxation processes, imparting tone and elasticity to the skin.

Nithya Body Cream

Directions for use

The creme fluid made of collagen and elastin is indicated for the firming and moisturising of all skin types. It is suitable for use after cosmetic surgery treatments such as liposuction, abdominoplasty or body sculpture, once the skin has fully healed.

Vivostat Logo


The uniqueness of the Vivostat® system is a novel patented biotechnological process that enables reliable and reproducible preparation of autologous Fibrin Sealant or Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF®) without using cryoprecipitation and without the need for a separate thrombin component.


  • The Processor Unit is a non-sterile, reusable, fully automated device that controls the biochemical process.
  • The Processor Unit is used to process the patient’s blood and prepare the Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant or Vivostat PRF® solution.
Vivostat Processor Product
  • The Processor Unit is operated by a single button and a display keeps the nurse informed of the remaining process time and status at all times. No specific installation is required and the large wheelbase makes moving it easy.
  • The Processor Unit can be located in any room or corridor in the operating department. It is most often placed centrally between the operating theatres. This way one Processor Unit can supply a number of operating theatres.
  • In approx.  25 min a concentrated fibrin sealant or PRF® solution is prepared from the patient’s whole blood.
  • The Applicator Unit is a non-sterile, reusable, fully automated device that controls the delivery of the Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant or Vivostat PRF®.
Vivostat Processor Product
  • The large display and integrated microprocessor automatically primes the Spraypen® and informs the surgeon of the remaining volume of fibrin sealant/PRF® throughout the entire process.
  • Different spray modes can be selected depending on the actual procedure or area to be covered. Like the Processor Unit it has a large wheelbase and can easily be moved if required.
  • The disposable set comprises of two parts: A Preparation Kit used to prepare the fibrin sealant or PRF® solution before surgery, and an Application Kit used to activate and apply the fibrin sealant/PRF® solution.


  • Preparation Kit
    The Preparation Kit contains the specially designed Preparation Unit – a sterile disposable device in which the patient’s blood is collected, the biochemical process carried out, and the fibrin sealant or PRF® solution harvested.


  • The Application Kit
    The Application Kit contains the Spraypen®1 and all other items required to prepare the system for the delivery of the fibrin sealant or PRF® solution. The Spraypen® is a sterile, disposable, hand held device which delivers the fibrin sealant or PRF® solution to the tissue. The revolutionary and patented design offers the surgeon unparalleled freedom in controlling the application unlike any other product on the market today.


1Besides the Spraypen®, the Vivostat® system offers different types of applicators, e.g. the Endoscopic Applicator. For a full list of application devices click here

1-2-3 Spray

Three easy steps to prepare Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant or Vivostat PRF®

1. Draw blood from the Patient

Fibrin Prep With Blood Inside

At the time of surgery or up to 24 hours before1, citrate (supplied with the kit) is added to the Preparation Unit. 120 ml of the patient’s own blood is then drawn into the same unit.

2. Process the patient’s blood

Vivostat Processor 800

The Preparation Unit is placed in the Processor Unit. At the touch of a button the process starts; after approx. 25 minutes, an autologous fibrin or PRF® solution is ready for use. No thrombin or bovine components are added to the blood at any time.

3. Load the Applicator Unit and spray

Vivostat Display Applicator

The Fibrin or PRF® solution is easily loaded into the Applicator Unit and applied to the surgical site using one of the unique application devices (e.g. the Spraypen). 1This depends on the type of kit being used. Always consult the “Instructions for Use” supplied with the kit to determine the correct preparation.

The following video illustrates how to prepare and apply autologous fibrin sealant.

Presentation DVD from Vivostat A/S on Vimeo.